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Note that before any new occupancy or change of occupancy in a zoning district building or portion thereof occurs, application shall be made to the Zoning Officer for review and approval of the proposed use. Neither the use of or the uses upon any land nor the use of or the uses within any structure shall be changed until a zoning approval for such a change of use shall have been issued by the Zoning Officer.

Approval by the Zoning Officer shall not mean approval for use an occupancy of the building which shall be approved by the Building Inspector. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to secure an approval from the City of Niles Building Inspector for all other applications, approvals, permits, inspections and a Certificate of Use and Occupancy prior to occupying.

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Right of Revocation: It is understood and agreed to by this applicant that any error, omission, misstatement, misrepresentation of material fact, with or without intent, such as might and/or would cause a refusal of this application or any material alteration made subsequent to the issuance of a Zoning Approval without required approval, shall constitute4 sufficient grounds for the revocation of this approval, making this Zoning Approval null and void.

The applicant shall allow the Zoning and Building Department(s) staff access to the property for on-site inspection(s)

There may be deed restrictions on the property that differ from and may be more restrictive than the City of Niles, Ohio Codified Ordinances. Please check your deed to make sure that any proposed project meets any restrictions that may be in effect.

A signage application shall be required for new, additional, or changed signs, and shall be submitted for approval in accordance with Chapter 1327 Signs. (Signage Applications are available at www.thecityof niles.com) or Phone: (330) 544-9000 ext. 1181

Site plan. A site plan showing a north orientation arrow, the size and location of new construction and all existing structures on the site, all property and interior lot line locations with setback and side yard dimensions and distances from buildings to lot lines, the locations of the nearest streets, the established street grades, the locations, types and sizes of all utility lines, the location of any fences, and the elevations of all proposed finished grades; and it shall be drawn in accordance with an accurate boundary line survey. (A site plan shall be submitted for all new construction and additions.)

The City of Niles, Zoning and Building Department(s) reserves the right to ask applicants to provide further information relating to any aspect of their Zoning Use Application. If additional information is not provided when requested there ay be a delay in the consideration of your application.

In order to submit a complete Zoning Permit, you must upload your site plan.

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